About Us

In 2013 our executive staff, who have been involved in textile sector since 1996, have founded ‘Soft Garments Wash’. Being one of the leading companies in the sector since its foundation; with the experienced executive team and customer-satisfaction oriented staff, ‘Soft’ has gained wide respect and struck numerous long-term deals with the leading firms. In 2015, with the new washing techniques and improved R&D operations, it has founded the ‘Soft Textile Inc.’ for delivering better and more efficient services.

Our MIssIon
Creating products that enhance the life-quality with sustainable practices in the sector.

Our VIsIon
: Always producing the “firsts” and “bests” with an innovative and enviormental-friendly approach.

Core Values

  • Taking sustainable actions
  • Thinking positive and self-evaluating
  • Create awareness
  • Following the latest updates on technology

Companies we have approved : İnditex - Mango - Sedex - Primark - Asos - RTM